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thethingsuhate's Journal

The Things You Hate
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All Members , Moderated
Community Title: The Things You Hate
Community Link: thethingsuhate
Community Info: I once had a site where you could fill out a form full of stuff that you hate and it went to my e-mail. I would then later post it on my web site. This took up way too much time and became so popular (evil word) that i had to close it down.
With this LiveJournal community my web site (The Things You Hate) can be remade in LiveJournal form!
Community Rules: The names of real or LiveJournal users can not be used on this community. It breaks LiveJournals abuse pollicy.
Its not about who you hate but what you hate!
The LiveJournal Terms of Service apply to this community.

Tell us what you hate!

"You cannot sedate
All thethingsuhate."

- Marilyn Manson

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